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From heart to hand to home......

As soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil, I was leaving notes and pictures to express my thoughts and emotions. Simply put, I’m in love with the process of creating images. These static marks and images act as mementos of the passing moments.  The temporary becomes permanent, not to be lost, never to be forgotten. They are the signs that "I was here". The work throughout this site is reflective of the process of growth that occurs over a lifetime, constantly evolving, shifting and changing, but always building on the themes and scaffolding of the images of before. 

I pull from many sources of inspiration and am influenced by topics ranging from science to pop culture, spirituality to psychology, personal narrative to mythology. I restructure these influences to weave a unique interpretation of what I see around me. My work is primarily influenced by a desire to catalogue my life experiences; to make sense of the "things" that color my world and render my life. My studio practice acts as a place in which I not only process the world around me, but also find my personal identity within the spaces I reside. Grounded in a meditative process, my practice is a balanced exchange between myself, the creator, and the creation; it is a practice in which the lines between the active and the passive become blurred. 

I believe that mark making is as intrinsic to our humanity as speech or breathing. It is what connects us to each other. It's what makes us human. Sharing mine with others propels me to keep creating. Ultimately, this is where and how I connect.    I create these works as a vocabulary of communication. And the conversation is dependent on being viewed. So thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy these works. To see up to date work, please follow on instagram.

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